Men and women open-air bath

You can see the carp and turtle in the pond from women open-air bath, the starry sky in men open-air bath.

  • Women open-air bath
    There is the atmosphere lit up at night.

  • Men open-air bath
    Open-air bath surrounded by tulip painting of Australia

  • Women open-air bath

  • Women open-air bath

  • Women open-air bath

  • Men open-air bath

Bath of eight types

Please enjoy eight baths equipped with the elaborate idea.

  • Bathtub

  • Washing place

  • Bath bed
    Please lay down in the shallow bath of about 10cm(4inches).

  • High Power bath/Bubble bath
    Hot water comes out vigorously.

  • Electric bath
    Gentle electric feeling.

  • Medicinal bath
    There are several kind of Lavender,Aloe,Herb and Lemon.

  • Cold-water bath
    Please enter after the sauna.

  • Standing shower


It is a sauna bathing in the gentle steam.
Please shed your sweat in a room full of steam.

Dressing room

High ceiling atrium brings very open feelings. Please enjoy relaxing time. We epuipped vending machines and large screen.

  • Dressing room

  • Dressing room

  • Locker (large)

  • Locker (small)

  • Relaxing area

  • TV

Front / Waiting room

We will welcome everyone in the front. There is a waiting room at the entrance, are available to meet your family.

  • Front
    We will welcome everyone in the front.

  • Footwear place

  • Waiting room
    Please use the meeting place.

  • Massage chair
    Please use after a bath.


Washing machine, large washing machine, dryer is equipped.
24 hours a day.

  • Appearance

  • Washing machine (200yen)

  • Dryer (100yen / 10 minutes)